Meat Embroidery!

Does anyone remember the Scottish crafting magazine I found ages ago, with a remarkable picture of a cross-stitch showing cuts of beef? This one.

And how sad I was that the magazine didn't come with a chart, instead you had to send off for it, and the company had been defunct for a very long time?

Well, work's been pretty slack so I spent some time with the zoom function and Excel. Enjoy.

Story Time with Aunty Nanda!

I might start posting more, no promises, but I'm specifically putting this here because I want to Tweet it and Facebook is such a pain in the arse to link to.

(I'm not making light of the tragic events in Connecticut, but there's one brain-breakingly twisted mental image under the cut. You've been warned.) I know a lot of you are upset about what Mike Huckabee said about God and those poor children. I understand that because it was a horrible thing to say, so what I'm going to do is make up a nice Mike Huckabee story so you can feel a bit better.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.Collapse )
Feel any better now?

The dreaded earworm

I have been writing up an account of our American holiday of not-quite-doomy-death and have inadvertently learned that "Hang On Sloopy" is not only the official state rock song of Ohio, but also the worst earworm in the entire world. IT'S NOT COMING OUT.

Anyone got an alternative earworm they can give me instead? You know, just for a change of scenery.

Also, I learnt that James Thurber started his writing career working for the same newspaper that my cousin-in-law works for now. This makes me obscurely happy.

(Yes, I am writing this thing again.)

Games People Are Playing

"I lost The Game. Damn."

"Last night someone very special came round, and they said we should play the Pronoun Game. So we did, and she made me lose. Damn."

"Well, in that case...Mornington Crescent! Victor ludorum! Yay!"

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Jeff just brought me a tiny live snail that he found in the salad greens. I reckon this means we're essentially getting organic for a fraction of the price.